The Writing Life For Me

Hey Gang – 

Well, what a week its been. A week ago I ran the free giveaway of Martha Toole and we had over 761 downloads. Not bad for a little novella of Magical Realism; a ghost story where youth is haunted by age and age is haunted by youth. 

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I know i’ve been detailing the development of the Climax! series of Human Rights Observer based espionage novels but that is not the only project i’ve had going. A novella i’ve been working on, Spirit Animals, is FINALLY done. The third act needs some overhall but otherwise it is done and I will turn it into my editor by weeks end. 

As always my writing seems to be about family, memory and loss. If the story has a theology it is this: The Holy Mundane – the world teems with wonder and awe and magic and awesomeness. And we are numb to it. Even when we being to see it our awe can be interrupted by the tragic.

More soon.