The Waltons strike again

Last night at work I was cleaning up Spirit Animals and poking at Climax!: Warchild when I heard a line of the ‘The Waltons’ wrong. My clients LOVE The Waltons and pretty much watch it nightly. Thinking my misheard line was funny I jotted it down. 

Well…i’m pages deep into a new story. 

The Waltons have become an unexpected muse and while I am happy for the inspiration I hope the muse will find other avenues to inspire. If you remember my recent novella The Life and Times of Martha Toole was inspired by saying ‘what if’ to a scene. 

The muse strikes when it does. But we cannot be lazy victims to the muse. Art requires work, and sometimes we have to show up to the work even if the muse does not. I may begin a story with incredible inspiration but in the middle of it, in the heat of the work its about heavy lifting. I can’t just rely on my emotions to carry me through. I have to show up and I have to do the work. 

Good night, John Boy!


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