Bond…James ‘Structure of The Story’ Bond

It has been a good week. Martha Toole gave away 761 copies over the weekend and has had slow but steady sales ever since. Magical Realism is far outside most peoples categories that it is sometimes a bit hard to sell. 

But back to the Climax! series. 

I am finishing up Spirit Animals and working on the first novella in the Climax! series. It may end up that this is more for me to work out some of the ideas but so far so good, even if I have backed myself into a corner storywise. 

Spent the weekend watching the Mission:Impossible films. Other than the Climax! episode of Casino Royale I am avoiding Bond – I want to study the DNA, but not replicate that property. I hope to watch the last two Jack Ryan films as well, maybe even that XXX movie from a few years back.

Regardless – Here is what I have come up for for the fantasy-espionage genre. 


“Prologue” – Opening adventure. Often stand alone but can also set up the later adventure.

Act 1

– Introduction of Villain 

– Mission Appointed

– Gear and Gizmos


– On assignment

– Conflict of affection

– Secrets revealed


Act 2

– The Confrontation

– Identities Revealed

-The Tables Turned

– Complications of Love

– Plots Revealed


Act 3 

– The Showdown

– Damsel in Distress

– Evil Has The Upperhand

– The Daring Escape

– Chase of Confrontation

– Heroes Save The Day

– Lovers Embrace



– Hero and Lover together

– A secret threatens the happy

– The love is undone

– Hero makes resolve


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