Of Spies and Things

First; notice I am no longer calling these entries “Bond….Jimmy ‘Card Sense’ Bond”. Each decision made about the story takes us farther away from the source inspiration – Jimmy ‘Card Sense’ Bond of Combined Intelligence from the 1954 ‘Casino Royale’ episode of Climax!

Originally I had said I was not going to use ‘Climax!’ as the name of the series and I am rethinking that. I just need to work it into the world of the series somehow. 

But lets get down to brass tacks.

What I hate about James Bond the most is the unquestioned patriotism. Bond is an agent of the state. He kills them so they won’t kill us. It is built off the notion of 1) the state is God and 2) we can be saved by the noble sacrifice of the ‘other’.

That is such evil bullshit. 

It also is a model that no longer works. We are facing transnational issues – human trafficing, drugs, human rights issues etc. I would like to set my story under the umbrella of human rights. We need transnational solutions. 

SO… Ethan Hunt works for the Impossible Mission Force (Mission: Impossible) and James Bond works for British Secret Service/MI-6 (James Bond OO7). In our source material Jimmy ‘Card-Sense’ Bond works for Combined Intelligence (Climax! ‘Casino Royale’ S1E3).

So who does Casper Hartnell work for? 

I went looking at non-profits and NGOs who do the sort of stuff I want my stories to deal with – human trafficing, human rights issues etc. The best model I could find so far was the International Justice Mission. They are a religious organization and my book will be secular but I feel they are a model worth looking at. 

So he is not a spy, he is a human rights observer who finds himself in interesting situations. Casper Hartnell, Human Rights Observer – International Human Rights Commission. 

Also; gadgets and gizmos are a huge part of the world of these stories. I think it will be fun coming up with non-violent Bond-ish gadgets and gizmos. I will be keeping an eye on what Google Labs are coming up with (google glass, self driving cars) for real life inspiration. 

I think I mentioned a name. Our lead will be Casper Hartnell. Casper is named after Ian Flemings late son and I had originally had the surname ‘James’ as a tribute to the source material but thought that was too on the nose. Hartnell will be a repentant member of the 1% – son of an arms manufacturer he has left his family behind and is ‘high class on a low budget’ and moves comfortably through the world of the 1%. A washout of the marines (didn’t make it through basic training) he joined IHRC not because non-violence comes easy to him but the opposite – he believes in peace, in non-violent solutions and creativity over violence but in his deepest heart he realizes he is a violence addict. He is also overwhelmingly empathetic – these two traits are what conspired to make IHRC his ideal employer and the Marines a bad choice. 

Most of these notes started in regard to my human rights deconstruction of Casino Royale – which will be called ‘Hotel Presidente’ – (I will save ProtocolONE for another story) – but i’ve started working on a novella with Casper and the IHRC called Warchild and this has all come in handy. 


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