Climax!: Bond…Jimmy ‘Card Sense’ Bond (PART TWO)

Climax!: Bond…Jimmy ‘Card Sense’ Bond (PART TWO)

Check out my 5-Star Reviewed Novella The Life and Remembrances of Martha Toole. 

If all goes well I should have my new novella finished this week. I am excited by the project and really want to share it with you guys. But I am already thinking of my next project. If you read my blog post from the other day you know what I am thinking of: a spy novel who takes the DNA of its story from the 1954 made-for-live-tv James Bond adventure ‘Casino Royale’. In fact this story presented us with an American bond with anything unique and interesting about Bond stripped out. 

I should stress that I am NOT seeking to write a novelization of this bland, generic spy story. Nor am I seeking to write a Bond fan-fic based off of it. If you are a fan of the espionage genre you know that Bond is at the core – the DNA of all of it. He was the first, big, contemporary break out star in the genre. Look at the Mission:Impossible films (and show) – they follow the Bond formula – the prologue, the opening segment, use of a memorable theme, the gadgets. 

Wikipeia gives the following summary of the Climax! Bond:

Act I “Combined Intelligence” agent James Bond comes under fire from an assassin: he manages to dodge the bullets and enters Casino Royale. There he meets his British contact, Clarence Leiter, who remembers “Card Sense Jimmy Bond” from when he played the Maharajah of Deauville. While Bond explains the rules of baccarat, Leiter explains Bond’s mission: to defeat Le Chiffre at baccarat and force his Soviet spymasters to “retire” him. Bond then encounters a former lover, Valerie Mathis who is Le Chiffre’s current girlfriend; he also meets Le Chiffre himself.


Act II Bond beats Le Chiffre at baccarat but, when he returns to his hotel room, is confronted by Le Chiffre and his bodyguards, along with Mathis, who Le Chiffre has discovered is an agent of the Deuxième, France’s external military intelligence agency at the time.


Act III Le Chiffre tortures Bond in order to find out where Bond has hidden the cheque for his winnings, but Bond does not reveal where it is. After a fight between Bond and Le Chiffre’s guards, Bond shoots and wounds Le Chiffre, saving Valerie in the process. Exhausted, Bond sits in a chair opposite Le Chiffre to talk. Mathis gets in between them and Le Chiffre grabs her from behind, threatening her with a concealed razor blade. As Le Chiffre moves towards the door with Mathis as a shield, she struggles, breaking free slightly and Bond is able to shoot Le Chiffre.


Let me quickly tell you why I love Bond: the nostalgia, watching the films with my dad, weekend marathons on TBS. 

Let me quickly tell you what I HATE about James Bond: 1) Unquestioned patriotism, 2) the use of mythic violence and 3) cheap sexuality. 

I spent yesterday at work working and reworking the Espionage DNA and I have come up with the following.


I was going to use the name Climax! as the title/brand for this series of writings. But seeing as how MGM/EON/DANJAQ LLC bought the rights to the made for TV episode of Casino Royale I am also going to assume they have the rights to Climax! At the very least it may be a trademark they have retained. As as I am not trying to write a spoof, rip-off, fan-fic etc then there is no real need for me to use the name Climax!

So far I am thinking the first book and later the series will be called ProtectionONE, ProtectorateONE or ProtocolONE. The Climax! episode has this great opening effect for the titles – probably made by a camera staring at its own monitor – that reminds me of the Bond gun barrel opening. I hope maybe I can do a book trailer using something of that sort?

Here is the in-progress synopsis I have come up with:

Barton Shaw profits from ecological disaster. Posing as a non-profit he has convinced a group of climate change refugees to ask for his protection – protection that comes with a price! Now a group of refugees are being auction to the highest bidder and shipped across the globe for a fate of forced labour. 


United Nations NGO ProtectionONE (ONE – Open Network Espionage) is an NGO that investigates human rights violations and crimes and works with local law to bring criminals to justice. ProtectionONE has assigned Casper James to investigate. The key to finding the refugees is in deciphering a code ProtectionONE has intercepted – and the only person who can break the code is Casper James ex-flame and Barton Shaws current lover Valerie Fleming.


Casper must escort Valerie to safety but first he and Barton will face each other in a high stakes ______________. (to be determined) 


But what power does Barton have over Valerie to make her follow him?


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