Bond on the Radio

Bond, James Bond….as a BBC radio drama. Do we need to add Toby Stephens to the list of actors who have played bond?

Artistic Licence Renewed

If you like to listen to James Bond’s adventures while working or relaxing, then  check out these BBC radio play productions on YouTube, not to mention the priceless Desert Island Discs interview with Ian Fleming. Sadly, not the whole broadcast.

From Russia, With Love:

In writer Archie Scottney’s brilliantly evocative ‘radio screenplay’, we see another side to 007. Unsure of his judgement, can he bring the lovely Tatiana safely to England, along with the precious Spektor? Will the Russians succeed in having Bond killed? If so, who is the would-be murderer?

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 12.16.19 PM

General/Rene……John Sessions
Kronsteen…… Mark Gatiss
James Bond……Toby Stephens
‘M’……John Standing
Moneypenny……Janie Dee
‘Q’……Julian Sands
Kerim……Tim Pigott-Smith
Tatiana……Olga Fedori
Nash/Red Grant……Nathaniel Parker
Ian Fleming……Martin Jarvis

Director…… Martin Jarvis


James Bond is charged by the Bank of England and MI5 to discover what Goldfinger is actually doing with his vast hoards of gold. Is he somehow connected with SMERSH – the feared…

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