And i’m back…(again)

What is this?

I am back to my blog and book promo work. It almost feels…unnatural. I’ve been away for weeks. I have work and Erin has classes *and thus I am on boy duty* . In theory I could use the evenings after Erin is back to put my feet up and get work done. Or I could rest. Yes, I choose the later.

BUT two weeks ago Erin finished her last class. Last weekend I had 1 free hour of work between catching up on all the chores. This weekend it looks like I will be back to the office hours I described in my self-contract. 

I’m also rebuilding my book promotion resource list. Not sure where the last one went. It could be one of those times that the battery died and things weren’t saved. Regardless, i’m back at it.


In WRITING NEWS I finished and turned in a super-short for an anthology that I really enjoyed. It is short and beautiful and ends powerfully. And thats just MY biased opinion. Can’t wait to hear what others think.

My next novella is coming along nicely. I really do hope to have it finished soon. Its entering act three so I suspect it will be done soon-ish.

As for Martha Tool – sales are steady if not stellar. I ended last month with 6 sales and have had one this month so far. I bought 5 days of a book tweeting service, spread over two weekends. Last weekend…yielded no sales. Maybe I will see some this weekend. 



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