Dancing In The Cherry Blossom Rain-

Spring is here and the Cherry Blossoms have arrived.

Life is good. 

Martha Toole is, possibly, the best work of my life so far. And so far the reviews have all agreed. And while I assume that, someday, the Two Drunk Ladies On Tv (The Today Show, 4th Hour) will one day discover my book and drunkenly promote it I am seeing positive reviews – and not sales – as the marks of success.

Many of you will remember when I ‘signed myself’ to a contract a few weeks back. For awhile I was able to follow it to a “T” until the demands of my wifes class (thurs class, saturday lab. She volunteers on friday, I on sundays) got in the way. I can grab a few hours friday and saturday but that is not the same as the 4-or-5 day plan I had. Her class will only last one more week, thankfully. (No, not ‘thankfully’ – this class is great for her and is so good for her. But I don’t have another word).


Another word. “Jugernaught” or “Jaggernatha” – the word was in relation to a large wheeled device in a minor Hindu celebration. The british soldiers said it would get out of hand and crush people. What saves damns, what damns saves. Or; all is complicated. 


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