Review of The Life and Remembrances of Martha Toole by Jason Derr

Another great review of ‘Martha Toole’. As a writer I can only be humbled that my words are being appreciated. Much love to all my readers.

S.M. Lowry


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This is a novella of literary fiction and magical realism.

The Hammer family receives a visit from their ancient aunt, Martha Toole. Martha Toole is a difficult woman who constantly complains about everything and is deeply entrenched in the glory of the past. She remembers when the family owned a large amount of land in the area and when everyone lived off that land. When John David takes his great-something aunt, Martha Toole, back to the old homestead for a visit, he encounters an unexpected woman on the land: the ghost of Martha Toole when she was young.

This was a fantastic story full of magical realism. From the beginning I was drawn in by the old woman who couldn’t seem to embrace the present but was firmly rooted in her remembrances of the past. I loved the struggle of nostalgia versus reality. The author has a powerful way…

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