To The Salt Mines…

I’m off to the salt mines, killing time at a little coffee shop near work. Its lovely outside, at least at the moment. Sitting here I am thinking about the water damaged ceiling at home – the growing stain, the sagging roof, the cracks. Proper authorities have been told…but still, I am off to work and My Love is at home keeping one eye on that and one eye on The Boy. 

I have other thoughts as well. I have had 30-something blog views todays and I haven’t figured out why or how. I’ve also had another book sale. Going indie the sales are slow but also steady. I think many of us writers think if we write it it will just float out there and find an audience. But audience finding takes work and allot of work at that. So, slow and steady sales are encouraging. 

I have nothing else to say other than: my wifes immigration has gone through and the greencard is in the mail. My wife has two art shows going right now. 

The Good Life. 


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