Shades of Fear…and the future of publishing.

My editor has a book coming out, a charity anthology in support of pediatric cancer research. I really encourage any who read this blog to consider picking it up: it is important that artists, lovers of arts, readers, writers etc support Good Works and Great Causes in the world. You should all download, read, comment and recommend this book


Dara, my editor, invited me to join the Facebook group this all came out: a group of writers supporting and encouraging each other. And with this project behind them they have two more anthologies in the works (disclaimer: I will be in one of them). Of interest to me is how this impacts the future of publishing. The gatekeeper is gone, indies are making fortunes-to-livings as writers. The question comes up again and again – how do we find quality work? How do we keep less than stellar work from the market place.

The future, I think, is the curated network: groups like this one that publish, mentor writers working independently and help encourage and build a network of reviewers, tweeters, bloggers and FBers. 

These are initial thoughts, but I am eager to see what the future holds. 


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