Magical Thinking

A Thought on Magical Realism as a genre*…
A commitment to magic is a commitment to the imaginary which is a commitment to revolution. The ‘real world’ is the world of poverty, oppression, war, injustice, oppression and discrimination. The imaginary is where that is undone, challenged and changed. I am committed to Magic just as I am committed to a world of justice. This tracks closely to the notion of Utopia in Guttierezes work or the Apocolypse in Stringfellows work. Can this be what the ‘kingdom of God’ is in the New Testament? A place of imagination – a place where we imagine the first are last and the last are first, where the poor have a seat of honour at the wedding feast – that challenges the material world.

*Genre – I am thinking recently about ‘New Music’ which attempts to be genreless. It is the overlap of classical composition, hip hop and indie rock. It is the world where an electronica artist like Dan Deacon can be a hero to fans of newer classical music. What then can ‘new fiction’ look like – genre-less fiction. I know Michael Circo claims to do this and I am reading his ‘the divinity student’ to see how.


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