Hey Faithful Readers-

Well, Portland is COVERED in snow. I for one am hoping it will stick around. Maybe when the phone is charged I will be able to get the video of my son dancing in the snow up on the blog. 

In other news: Edits and Beta Reader comments came in for my new novella. I am currently integrating all the bits. I’ve also put in the order for the cover. I had hoped to have BIG NEWS to share but I am still waiting for confirmation – so hang in there. 

After we are done with this novella I will be off to finish Spirit Animals and then I will start work on The Houses and another project I am toying with. If time permits I will pull ‘A Far And Distant Land’ out and finish that one before we begin prepping ‘Master Of The House’ for a Christmas release. 

Anyway – go play in the snow!


2 thoughts on “Snowland

  1. Sounds like you’re on a roll – good for you!
    Go play in the snow yourself: the piles at the end of my driveway are too tall to see over, and I’d rather stay inside and close the curtains. 😦

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