Once Upon A Time….

I submitted this story to a journal. It was not a good fit for that journal though the editor fought for it. She gave me some great points on editing. And let me say – I resisted, I hemmed, I hawed. In the end I shut up and did the edits. And boy am I glad I did so – the result is one of my best works. Ever. 

I have just put a downpayment on an editor and nervously waiting for her thoughts on my novella. I have some beta readers as well and all of that will work together to create what I feel is one of my better works. I can’t wait to share it with you. 

All of this to say: we talk about writing as a solitary profession and that is true to the extent that it is true. But their is also an extent to which it is not. We need our readers, our editors. 

Thank you to the ‘team’. 


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