Signing a Writer/Publishing Contract as an Indie

As I posted last time as an one is essentially signed to themselves. As I am promoting my own book and a projected 2 novellas, a shorts collection and a YA novel this year I felt I officially sign a contract with myself.  The amount of work – and where to begin – can easily become overwhelming, especially ones gifts are in fiction and not business. I consulted with Kai Wilson ages ago and she was very helpful in helping me come up with a marketing plan.While following it I had about a sale a week. Unfortunately I let things slide – my wife Erin was living out of the country and much of my spare time was spent commuting to Canada and when she was visiting our son was partying until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. With Erin now here on a perm basis (immigration interview will be soon!!!!) and our son going to be at 7:00pm I can now reengage my energies.

The following contract is a combination of wisdom from Kai Wilson as well as my buddy Josh Hatcher.

Everything here is ‘open’ and will be edited as needed.




I JASON H. DERR hereby agree to work as Author-Publisher-Editor (herein; APE) for TEMPLE FOUNDRY MEDIAWORKS which is, in fact, himself. At the present time I promise to pledge 15 – 20 hours a week – part time hours – to this endeavour until becomes profitable. Full time hours, though desirable, are not possible at this time owing to day job/parenting responsibilities.




As a part-time APE for TEMPLE FOUNDRY MEDIAWORKS I am employing myself to create LITERARY WORKS that are excellent in nature. Excellence is not found only in the WRITING, LANGUAGE AND STORY but also in the EDITING, COVER and MARKETING. No work should go out into the world until it has reached EXCELLENCE in all categories.




Any given 5 hour shift will dedicate 2.5 – 3 hours to the art of writing. The rest of the time shall be used in promotional activity.




Promotional Activities herein are based on models provided by KAI WILSON and JOSH HATCHER. Promotional Activities shall include:




2. Blogging


My best sales after THE HUFFINGTON POST interviewed me for the Working Poor series. As a former religion blogger for them I will return to my HuffPo blogging with a weekly or bi-weekly series of interviews with other indie.authors whom I respect.




In addition I have set up a calendar and alerts for a personal blogging routine on my personal blog.




3.Bring Them Home


All blogs article and articles will contain links to my blog, twitter, facebook or amazon book page. I will use FB groups related to my book to create and maintain a fan base.




4.Blog Tour


I will with every release coordiante a blog tour as well as Orangeberry promotional campaigns and the giving away of copies to reviewers. (Note: While my HuffPo interviews with authors are intended as free advertising for my own work I will not interview myself for HuffPo).




5. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Routine




Write 500 words


Comment on 2 blog posts






Sunday: Subscribe to 1 new blog; Introduce myself to 1 new leader


Monday: post on Book Blogs


Tuesday:  Work on personal blog – interesting links/stories


Wednesday: post on Facebook author page


Thursday: post on a Book Blog


Friday:  review a book on Goodreads


Saturday: follow a tutorial on Indie Book Collective;






1st – Evaluate to do list; freshen Amazon author page


5th – review tweet plan


10th – organize a Goodreads giveaway


15th – write a  blog post for someone else


20th – freshen Smashwords author page when applicable


25th – look for interview subjects


30th – Ask someone to guest on my blog


Monthly: ‘Hi!
If you haven’t already followed me or interact on other social media I’d love to connect:






Tweet: I will schedule 5 tweets a day


I will retweet 3 times a day


I will engage with a tweet 2 day




Facebook: I will repost once a day


I will post literary/theological things 5 times a week


I will post to FB groups






I will use to track my links


Your customized social media campaign – 10 hours


1 blog post per week, specifically relating to:
Writing, theology, magic realism and the meeting between it all. You’re like me, you can talk about what you learned at Uni, the books that moved you, magic and literary realism, and theology. Don’t overlook your ability to talk theology. – 2 hours


Find and comment on five blogs in ‘your circle’ – that could be those that you admire, those that you’re in the same genre as, indies, traddies. Go wild. Keep a spreadsheet and loop back once a month or so. You don’t need more than 20 blogs total at first – 1 hour per week


30 tweets auto-scheduled – you should make a mix of book posts, sharing your links and blog posts, and other stuff. – 1 hour. (you can auto-schedule with Hootsuite).
You should also go onto twitter up to three times a day, ten minutes at time, reply, retweet and engage. If you’re bored of that, switch back to your facebook page.
You can use your favourite and most crafted tweets on your Facebook page/personal profile.


Goodreads – active profile there takes about three hours a week minimum.






When it becomes possible to have income off my writing I will make sure to set up a bank account for this work and will ensure that 20% goes into an account for taxes. I will pay myself a salary and set up an account from this income for business expenses.




I the undersigned agree to take on this work.




Jason Hubbard Derr





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