Joy of SEX (I mean writing)

Dear Constant Reader –

Wow! What an Easter weekend. I was able to turn in the draft of the SUPER SECRET PLAY that someone PAID ME to write. It is not anywhere close to being done and it is not anywhere close to being what I want it to be. 

But its DONE. A throughline has been established and next comes the hacking, cuting, rearranging and restructuring that will make a GREAT PLAY into an AWESOME PLAY. And, as a writer, if you don’t enjoy rewriting then you are not a writer.

Not to long ago the story that eventually ended up in Literary Orphans (i think) was at another journal. Great editorial notes came back and I bristled. How, I wondered, could they not see the AWESOMENESS I had come up with.

But they held the gates of being published so I followed their suggestions. And, guess what, it became a MUCH MUCH MUCH better story. There is only one bit that I changed back after we moved over to Literary Orphans.

Art is work. It is glorious, wonderful and fantastic work. But it is WORK. If you want to be an artist don’t wait for the muse, cultivates good habits of work, listen to feed back, follow your bliss and MAKE MAKE MAKE. 

Thank You –



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