Evangelicals and Mormons…

What is the old line…

Evangelicals write Fantasy and Mormons write Science-Fiction?

I guess it is true in broadstrokes – at the least CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein have been claimed by evangelicals (an Anglican and Roman Catholic respectively, I would suggest their are some strong universalist trends running through their works). Orson Scott Card is known for his Mormonism and his science-fiction. 

So what do people of progressive, universalist and process based faith write? For myself I am writing magical realism – this world centric fantasy where the ordinary is interrupted by the extra-ordinary (or revealed to be already extra ordinary)? In the existing book and both my upcoming books I can see a strong tendency toward Process Philosophy. 

None of this was planned, I guess you spend enough years reading and researching it bleeds into your work. 

So…process philosophy fantasy novels? Inspired by, I guess. I am not enough of an expert to claim that I do for process what Lewis did for conservative evangelicalism. 


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