Steal this book…please!

The Huffington Post has a great post on why many indie.authors are allowing piracy of their books. For a certain generation – one of which I am, I guess, nominally a part of,  – downloading, sharing and encouraging others to do the same is encouraged. 

I just want to say to all my readers – yea, I want your purchase of the The Boston 395. But more than that…I want your readership. So here are some thoughts and rules for Pirating The Boston 395…

1) Steal this book, please!

2) Read it, enjoy it and then….REVIEW IT! 

Positive or negative I want you to leave me some Amazon feedback on what you thing.

3) Share it, make it possible for others to read it. 

Art is for sharing. Don’t horde it. 

4) Make new art. 

I showed you mine, now show me yours. Put your stuff into the world as well.

5) Sharing creates joy – spread the joy.

6) Stories are for communities – please share my stories and YOUR STORIES with your community. 


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