Words and Words and More Words

Hello Friends…

Sometimes writing is about writing. Sometimes its about getting organized to write. Sometimes its about staring at the screen and saying ‘story…NOW!’. Other times its about going for long walks, feeding ducks and coming back to the computer for that one, well crafted paragraph.

When I was younger the words flowed. Now, I have to fight for them. I remember reading Annie Dillard talking about how hard writing was, how Not Fun it could be. I understand now, Annie. I did not understand then. 

Today is about organizational things. Waiting for the new PR report from my PR LADY who will help me make this book accessible to The Masses. Today is about getting the latest and greatest edited copy. Later today will be about the day job.

Tomorrow will be about reading the PR report and making plans and going bowling. 

Then the weekend, my glorious long weekend, will be about writing writing writing (and marketing marketing marketing).


The president got a ceremony for keeping his job. I think I would like a ceremony for keeping my job. Maybe every 6 months we should all have big to-dos for not getting fired. Things would feel much more Special and Awesome. 


Also – I went shoeshowing saturday. Only the 5th time ever and I managed to not break my glasses like I did my first every showshoeing time. It was great. I recommend Mt. Hood to all. 

And suddenly I realize the photos of my Conquering The Mountain are on my phone and not my computer and you will all have to wait before I get them to you. 


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