John Locke is one of 8 – and the one 1 of that 8 to be self-published- to sell a million books on Amazon. Amanda Hocking, indie author, sells 100,000 books a month.

Which is cool.

But I am more impressed by the guys who sell at midlist authors. These are guys who sell descent amounts and make a living at it. Which is…wow. Awesome! Great!

Give me more of that!!!!

That is the world I want to get into!!!!

A few years ago I would hear about ebooks, self-publishing, POD publishing and…well… like Rodney Dangerfield it wasn’t getting ‘no respect’.

But now….

Now I am editing ‘The Boston 395’ and hoping to serialize ‘Master of the House’ an a shorts collection (and eventually return to The University of Lost Souls).

Dream. Dream big.

In the book ‘Delivered from Distraction’ – a great book on ADHD – there is a chapter on careers for ADHD. And this is the quote that stands out for me: ‘of course people make money as a writer, artist or musicians. Why can’t you be one of them?’.


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