Indie Author?

Indie Author?

It’s not the same thing as indie film or music. Indie films are the sorts of things the big studios won’t touch. Indie music is the sort of stuff that is not commercially viable. Indie Authors…most Indie Authors write the sort of stuff that the Big 6 publish. John Locke is not doing anything new, nor is Michael Sullivan.

eBook authors are a whole new phenomenon. People are making 6 figures selling ebooks…these are people without publishers or agents or whatevers. I’m fascinaed by Amanda Hocking and her success. Its inspiring!

But is it rare?

I’m prepping an older manuscript – The Boston 395 – for ebook release and trying to figure things out like getting reviews and marketing and press-kits and using goodreads to my advantage. I am also hoping to serialize my YA novel on Fried Fiction and put new emphasis on my existing nonfiction book as well as a little anthology I published. I hope to also put out shorts collection.

Robin Sullivan – Riradan Press – says you need more than one book to really make it.


1) Boston 395 – ebook for sale (coming soon)

2) Master of The House – serialized book, for sale eventually

3) my MA thesis – on sale already, an MA thesis, very specific audience

4) X-Y= – anthology, featuring my story ‘Second Coming’

5) Short Story Collection

Most of the people making money at this aren’t publishing one novel, a serialized novel and odds and sods. But its a place to start.


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