Story. It’s the only thin I have ever been good at. It’s the only thing I feel good about doing. I work a job that is not story – hauntingly, terribly, staggering through a retail job that can’t even pay my rent much less for my Masters.

And yet Story calls me back. I’ve been fighting with the muse of lately – 2 years of writers block due to constant worry of poverty.

So I have made a decision. Story is my only way out of my poverty and the depression that comes with it. So I am setting dates with the muse and showing up to see if she makes it. Most days yes. Some days no. But if I show up with a cup of coffee and The New Pornographers playing on Spotify things tend to go well.

But its not just about showing up. How we do Story is changing. Bookstores are fading and yet its never been so exciting to be a writer.

Inspired by the Freeminum writers in china ( and the self-published authors making it as midlist authors ( I have decided to pursue the dream, to get back in the saddle. I want to see if the muse won’t just show up for coffee but let me get to second base!

I have submitted a chapter of my novel-in-progress to see if I can serialize it. If so I will and will start building my writing brand – novels done chapter by chapter, ebooks, short story collections. I will put a donate widget on the side, I will charge for ebook downloads, I will give away a few things for free.

And, Dear Lady Muse, we will dance. Oh, how we will dance.


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